What are the different types of Chainsaws?

2 Cycle Gasoline Chainsaws – The most common chainsaw type is a 2 cycle Gasoline Chainsaw.  They are also known as 2 stroke Gasoline Chainsaws.  These engines use gasoline mixed with oil.  The most common ratio is 50:1.  This ratio is 50 parts gas to one part oil.

Electric plug in Chainsaws – Electric chainsaws were developed in the 1990s.  They are powered by 120V A/C motors.  In order to power the chainsaw, they must be plugged in using extension cords while they are being operated.  While electric chainsaws require less maintenance than gasoline chainsaws, they do not have the power that gasoline chainsaws possess.

Cordless rechargeable Chainsaws – Cordless rechargeable chainsaws were developed in the early 2000s.  They are typically powered by Li-Ion cordless batteries.  Cordless chainsaws have the benefit of being able to be used without the restrictions of an extension cord.  They also require less maintenance than gasoline chainsaws, but also have less power than electric and gasoline chainsaws.

In-Tree Chainsaws – Smaller chainsaws are designed to be operated with one hand when the user is working in a tree.  These smaller saws typically use 12″ or 16″ bars and are used for pruning, or trimming high above the ground.

What are the different names for Chainsaws?

Chainsaws are called: 2 Cycle Chainsaws, Chainsaws, Cordless Chainsaws, Electric Chainsaws.

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